There are a huge number of available brands and solutions, many of which do exactly what you expect them to do. Even if you don't use any voice assistant today, I would make sure to only buy products compatible with Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant, because voice assistants will become a standard part of our life.

Wi-Fi smart plugs

One type of affordable smart plugs that never gave any trouble are the Kasa TP-Link plugs. They connect over Wi-Fi to the Kasa app, which on itself supports groups and routines, and can easily be linked to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. The Kasa app can also support smart bulbs and camera devices. Other brands, each with their own app can be an option as well.

US offering

EU offering


If you're not afraid to cut some power cables, Sonoff is a great tool to turn any electrical device into a smart device, on the condition it turns on when powered.

I use it to control ventilation, fans (above the bed), infrared heaters, and even to cut the power to other smart devices that accidentally have lost their Wifi or other connection and need a restart to fix things. You've read it right, smart plugs to troubleshoot other smart devices...

  • manages devices up to 2000 Watt
  • exists in single, dual versions, wall switches and even a 4 port DIN version
  • has a version including humidity and temperature sensor


  • expects you to cut some cables
  • you probably want to hide it somewhere
  • depends on a decent wifi signal throughout your home, only supports 2.4Ghz networks.
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