Philips Hue LED strips

If you have a Philips Hue hub, your best option is to go for a Hue LED strip.

Alternative led strips

What goes for the ZigBee bulbs, goes for the ZigBee LED strips. Even if you have a Hue bridge, but you prefer other strips, don't be afraid to  give it a try, there should be no issues.

Zigbee LED controllers - upgrade your existing LED strips

You don't feel like replacing your existing LED strips, yet you would like to integrate them in your smart light solution? If you double-check the supported voltage and white or color version, you could easily replace your current LED controller (and your current IR remote) with a ZigBee controller, reusing both your existing LED strip and power supply.

One very special LED strip worth mentioning is the LIFX Z-strip, because of its zoning concept. Instead of giving your strip a single color, you can give every segment (8 LEDs), a unique color. Nicely done! Nevertheless, as this is a Wifi strip, it can not be controlled by a Philips Hue hub, but would require either the SmartThings hub, Google Nest or Amazon Alexa. 

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