Life would be simple if you could start from a greenfield situation or accept to replace all your current audio devices with your preferred choice, being it Sonos, Denon, Bose, ... And, even then it is hard to say what would be the better choice, as many suppliers tend to see rather limited life spans of their current solution, and no one can tell whether a speaker you buy today, compatible with say Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, will be still compatible 3 years from now.

At the same time, many of you probably still have perfectly good high-quality Hi-Fi solutions, which must have cost you a fortune a few years ago. So, sunk cost and throw it away, or is it best to take another approach?

Hold your horses, and look for some quick wins

Are you also still happy with your current music or surround system, which probably has cot you a fortune a few years ago? Instead of replacing this investment with some speakers that might be outdated in a few years from now, there is an alternative.

With a few simple actions, you can easily integrate any legacy audio or surround system in a smart audio concept, independent of your connection options. Read here how to integrate legacy Bose Lifestyle systems in a smart home concept.

The quick win's you should be looking for: 

  1. Integrate your audio/surround system in a smart multiroom audio architecture, by choosing your audio technology and solutions.
  2. Connect your legacy audio systems to a modern Smart-TV setup
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