3D Printing

Filament or Resin printing

There are roughly 2 techniques for 3D printing at home. Depending on what you're looking for, either is the most suitable technology. Are you looking to print a lot of small but highly detailed items, to for a Resin printer. Are you looking to build larger volumes and don't like the mess of cleaning & washing resin prints, then go for a Filament printer!

Some tips on Filament Printing
Resume stopped prints

Did something go wrong? sometime a 3D printers stops because of a temperature monitoring glitch, or anything can happen... Did you know you can actually tweak your gcode file to resume printing where it stopped? If you can, find the exact point where the printing stopped (especially your Z-scale, if possible X and Y). Then open your gcode file and remove layer 0 to the layer before the correct Z-coordinates.

Make sure to split the G0 line in 2 parts, so upon starting, the nozzle first moves up (Z), before moving to the right XY coordinates


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